Vlad Tod & Karmen McKenzie


Vlad Tod

One Of The Keys To My Success is a clear and consistent understanding of my own limitations, and every so often people overestimate themselves, misapply their gifts. Eventually I have come to learn that the true meaning of wisdom is the ability to learn the boundaries of ones designated lane and sticking to that lane until it’s safe to merge on to the next one.

When first coming to this state 9 months ago, these were a few of the many lessons that I have had to learn. I was naive and ambitious, I had big ideas but I never understood the complexities and the limitations I faced to see them to fruition. So in order to overcome these obstacles, I did research, I spoke to those who had the proper knowledge to offer the wisdom and advice I needed to hear, I joined the Department of Commerce and Labor to get a better understanding as to how they operate so that I know what is and is not in the realm of possibility and now I have established the Paradise Club & Resort, which is now one of the largest venues in the state of San Andreas.

In mid August of 2020, I was the running mate of Ms. Stiletto during the last campaign as her Lt. Governor, and many of you have reached out during that time to express your frustration in me not being the front runner. Most of those I have spoken to were blunt and honest and I have carried each and every one of those conversations with me today, because I know there are better days ahead for all of us. With the help of my Lt. Governor, State Representatives, and every citizen of this amazing state, the future we all dream of having will not just be a fantasy… It will be a reality.


+ Salesperson for PDM
+ Junior Member of the Department of Commerce and Labor (Formerly the Chamber of Commerce)
+ Private Practice Bar Certified Lawyer
+ Owner of the Paradise Club & Resort
+ Secretary to State Representative Becks Lawson

Karmen McKenzie

My plane landed in this state back in February, when I was running from an art scholarship and looking to fully embrace life to better my art. You’ve seen my photos on many news websites, you’ve driven past my artwork on business signs or held it in your hands in the form of business cards or menus. You’ve visited at least one of the businesses I’ve been apart of founding even if just to get through the parking lot or use it as a meet up spot. You’ve tasted food I’ve had a hand in importing and been to events I’ve planned and hosted. I’ve poured my heart into the city as a photographer, marketer, business owner, non-profit owner, and in the construction and continued establishment of the San Andreas State Library. I’ve worn leather, I’ve worn suits, I’ve seen both sides of San Andreas and seek to understand and empathize with all of her citizens. I have fulfilled the role of Lt. Governor at the request of my peers and have fallen inlove with the position and the ability it garners me to continue to help people, to help this state.

In previous campaigns I’ve seen the same things stated in a loop, promises made without understanding of what the scope of a position actually affords a person. I can’t write the laws, but I can still hear you and bring your concerns to those who can. I can work with the legislature to help understand what is and isn’t possible so when the bill hits the Governor’s desk, it has a better chance of passing. I can continue working with the other government departments to ensure they have what they need to be successful, not just for themselves but for the citizens they serve. I can continue to advocate for and empower programs that improve quality of life among all of our citizens. I can make myself available to hear concerns and put those concerns in the right hands.

The real power of this state lies in the hands of it’s people, who exercise their voice through their vote, their letters, their phone calls. I’m not here to tell you whats wrong with this State and how I plan to fix it. I’m here to listen to the actual problems you’re facing, what you feel the resolutions are, and work with you to achieve those to the best of my ability.



+ Photographer for Los Santos Diatribes, Weazel News, CNT, Obsidian Marketing, Danu Marketing, McKenzie Enterprises (Current)
+ Artist for Obsidian Marketing, Danu Marketing, McKenzie Enterprises (Current)
+ Previous Owner of Deuces Auto Body and Uncaged Motorsports
+ Founder of CNT as the Human Resource Manager
+ Previous Secretary to State Representatives Evan Lee and State Representatives Kash Keller
+ Chief of Staff to Governor James Paxton
+ Advocated for the reduction of the drinking and smoking age from 21 to 18
+ Founder and owner of the Zancudo Food Bank
+ Lt. Governor under Governor James Paxton
+ Advocated for the construction of the San Andreas State Library