On Sunday the 21st, the Job Fair was steam rolling, accruing many new recruits and spreading awareness on job opportunities in the state. The time was 9:15 EST. The catalyst for the event was an attempt by Jorge Dopie to hijack a Ranger vehicle that was present at the Ranger tent, on the West-side of the park. An unnamed Ranger drew their non-lethal side arm, and told Jorge to step away from the vehicle after stopping what he was doing. Jorge complied with the Rangers demands and stepped away. Jorge was with Antonio Santorelli at the time, a newly employed member at River City Customs. Santorelli’s account of the events differed, as this incident became an inside joke amongst them, where they alleged that the Rangers had told them to pick the lock on the vehicle.

In the image above are tents both belonging to the Rangers (right) and Ronnie’s Custom Choppers (left).

Neighboring the Ranger’s tent, was Ronnie’s Custom Choppers, who have alleged ties to the Black Lotus MC. Members of Black Lotus saw the ruckus that the two River City Customs employees were stirring and while claiming to act as security for the event, tried to resolve the situation. One member took a wrench and offered to settle the dispute with both Jorge and Antonio, but the officers had already defused the situation. 

An unidentified biker had quickly lunged toward Antonio, wrench in hand, and Antonio took the hit. Antonio ran and discharged a firearm toward the Biker. The Rangers present had already taken up their own arms and aimed them toward the Biker involved. Antonio, who claims self-defence, was tazed by a Ranger. He allegedly fled the scene via Mirror Park Boulevard, then crossed the bridge onto Vinewood Boulevard.

The three parties involved were contacted for comment. 

The  San Andreas Parks Department refused to comment about the situation, or the intent to file any charges relating.

The Black Lotus MC was contacted for their involvement in the event as they maintained the role of unofficial security. They claimed that they were only acting within that role. 

Jorge Dopie is employed by River City, and when contacted for comment he claimed that he was not representing the company. He admits that he was attempting to steal the Ranger’s vehicle as the inciting incident. At the time of events, Antonio Santorelli was not employed by River City, but has since been hired. Mr. Dopie and Mr. Santorelli were together at the time of the incident.


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